Welcome to England – Carpool Karaoke!

I have just returned from England and I am not sure where to even begin.  It was a most amazing trip! I got to see the sights, sounds and tastes of England.  I landed at 6:30 AM and hit the ground running.  I saw Buckingham Palace and stopped by to see the queen (who was home), Big Ben, the Parliament, The London Eye……

Spent the morning shopping at Harrod’s……England2

Then got to have a formal tea……..England3

I found London to be amazing.  The buildings, the doors, the history, and I even got to watch Football in an English pub…..It was great.  Thanks to my tour guide who fit in a lot in less then 48 hours.  I managed to cat nap in every location possible!

Then it was off to Coventry for our workshops for Dare to Create 2016.  I leave you with this video of our road trip and our version of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke….

Stay tuned for more from Dare to Create 2016!  Leave us a comment for requests for the next Carpool Karaoke.  We sure loved making this one!

You are alive and breathing, so act like it.  Let go of what’s wrong and grab a hold of what’s right.  Make things happen, and then let things happen.  Learn, accept, explore, create and experience, every single day, one tiny step at a time”

8 thoughts on “Welcome to England – Carpool Karaoke!

  1. I was rolling on the floor watching that video. You two must have had a blast. What was in that drink?????

  2. I gather you had a good time then?
    Loved every minute of having you over here Tracy!
    Next year is too long!
    Carol xxx (of video fame!)

  3. This looks like a blast, still so funny, I had to watch it again today. So freaking funny. I am glad it was so fun!

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