One BadAss Art Journal GIVEAWAY

Darlene Little

I am thrilled to announce that I am one of the Instructors for One BadAss Art Journal.  Jump into mixed media techniques and BADASS art journaling. Learn from awesome instructors! Make great Art.  Registration starts December 1st  however you can enter to win a FREE seat just by leaving a comment here on this Blog Post!  We will pick a random winner on November 30th!

One BADASS Art Journal is back for 2023! One BADASS Art Journal is designed to inspire you to create, to learn, to feel confident and provide you with the tools, techniques and inspiration needed to feel BADASS every day that you make art!

The theme for 2023 is: CHALLENGE YOUR inner BADASS. You know, that BADASS who is within, who yearns to play, to create, to be free. That BADASS who wants to learn, try the technique, to play and experiment with art, who wants to enjoy art and be free! That BADASS who will throw the paint and NOT allow fear to stop her/him! Let us empower, inspire and encourage you to CHALLENGE YOUR inner BADASS through BADASS Mixed Media Art techniques and lessons.

And let’s not forget about the amazing community this class creates each year! Together creating, enJOYing, growing, sharing, connecting with each other and with our inner BADASS!

Ahhhh and here is a peek at our BADASS Artist Instructors

In this workshop you’ll:

  • get 17 badass art journal lessons (includes a book making lesson)
  • learn BADASS mixed media techniques
  • be infused with confidence, creativity and inspiration
  • learn great tips and tricks you can use again and again
  • play with a variety of tools, adding to your skills
  • experience beautiful color combinations and blending techniques
  • make BADASS, mixed media, art journal pages

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. • Step-by-Step Mixed Media Tutorials
  2. • Video Tutorials
  3. • Downloadable PDFs
  4. • Wonderful for beginners or anyone who wants to RELEASE their inner BADASS.

You’ll leave this workshop:

  • fueled with confidence in your skills.
  • with a creative arsenal at your disposal
  • with a collection of badass art journal pages
  • with one badass art journal
  • feeling inspired to create.
  • feeling mighty BADASS and we hope FREE!


1 BADASS handmade art journal lesson….an AMAZING book to hold all your BADASS art!

160 thoughts on “One BadAss Art Journal GIVEAWAY

  1. Wow!! Sounds awesome ! This would be perfect to help get back into Art Journaling again which I have missed so much.

  2. This looks phenomenal! I am ready to release my inner badass!! Tracy, you are incredible about sharing your talent and expertise. Thank you for this opportunity!

  3. Would love to be in this class and hopefully win, but if not I’ll register November 1st.. thank you for the opportunity to win!

  4. I love the title of the program and so much is being offered! Also, congrats for being a teacher at this exciting event!! I bet you’ll be wonderful.

  5. This looks like fun! When I worked in a stamping & scrapbook store we said BADASS stood for Beautiful And Daring Artistic Stamping Sisters.

  6. I have been following Tracy Weinzapfel for about two years and have filled up two journals already from her online class. Great fun Trac!!😘

  7. Omg! I’m ready to be badass!! Look at all those fantastic teachers ready to inspire us! Looking forward to participating in 2023

  8. I am most interested in learning to be a BADASS Journal Artist. The line up looks mighty cool, and I think I could learn a lot. Thanks for the opportunity to gain entry to free seat, if it is my lucky day!

  9. I would like to challenge my Badass!!!! This would a fabulous addition to my already wonderful life!!!
    I would love to apply for a scholarship to take this class.

  10. I am so thankful for creativity in my life…
    My soul sings whenever I get to learn and be inspired by great teachers!

  11. I was lucky enough to be introduced to your work by an old friend who showed me that I could drawer despite my disbelief but spending the day with her showed me it was possible and I have been very grateful to her (& ultimately you) and have found since my stroke due to COVID that I have found your work and advice has inspired me to try again. If I could afford it I would buy a seat on every course you offered. I just want to say that whoever wins will have received the most wonderful gift that will last forever. Best of luck to everyone entering and thank you Tracy for not only being such an amazing and talented artist but also for being a wonderful & patient teacher that share’s that talent with us and give us belief in our own work. Xx

  12. What an amazing group of artist/instructors!! This is an amazing opportunity!!
    TAKE THE CLASS, even if you don’t win…the skills & knowledge we could walk away with would be so worth it!!

  13. I came to make a comment so I’d be entered for the journal then got lost meeting all these amazing artists! How am I just discovering so many amazing teachers, creators, makers, designers and lovers of all things art related like the wonderful people in this line-up?! To say I’m flabbergasted is an understatement! Tracy, thank you so much for the email introducing this upcoming experience! What an awesome opportunity.

  14. I would love an opportunity to win a spot to this fabulous event. I am retired and live on a limited budget. Good luck with your workshops, they look amazing.

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