Tracy Time LIVE 2022 Early Bird Pricing!

The initial plans are made for Tracy Time LIVE 2022!
Are YOU going to join us?

We are sending this out so you’ll be the first to be able to take advantage of the early bird pricing….which WILL go up on JUNE 1st!
The dates are October 7-9, 2022 and the exact venue will be revealed soon…but NOW is the time to get in on the special low price!

On JUNE 1, the price will increase by $100!

So NOW is the time to take action!  Sign ME UP!

If Tracy is involved, you KNOW there will be laughter, creativity, and FUN!

All hands on deck for this in-person, fun retreat! Come meet the team behind Tracy!

Community is the best! And Tracy’s community is even BETTER! Come to the retreat not knowing anyone, and you’ll leave with 49 new besties!

Just some of the fun from last year…

This low price is only good until May 31st…


6 thoughts on “Tracy Time LIVE 2022 Early Bird Pricing!

  1. Great Video! Great memories, I have sign in for this year too! cannot wait to see Tracy, Ann, Donna and the rest of ladies that come – see you soon!! from the “Card Lady” 🙂

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