Wine barrel 2017…..

Just a quick update to share what I am working on “in” the Studio. Actually it is in my foyer at the moment.  I am working on my barrel for the 2017 Ramona Art & Wine Festival.  I did not think I would participate for a second year but the first event was so fun so why not!

This is where I left it last night and I will be at it all weekend….

I have a simple design this year and am doing my best not to compare it to the others I am seeing but hard not to.  My local glass company, Firehouse Glass will be turning this into a table this year with a glass top they are donating!  The event is the first Saturday of November where they auction it off.  I am also doing a time lapse video of each stage to see how this comes to life.

If you want to see last year’s project click HERE…..

Happy Painting!

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2 thoughts on “Wine barrel 2017…..

  1. AWESOME! I love that it’s more simply this year. I feel like folks will enjoy a barrel that they won’t get tired of so quickly – tamer. And I am so excited that you left some of the ‘real’ wood showing – that’s soooo lovely. YOU GO GIRL!!! Xj.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence. The other ones look amazing! Mine will look simple but making it me!

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