Your Artful Journey Doors are OPEN! Limited Time!

Creative Minds Inspire Each Other

The doors to Your Artful Journey are NOW OPEN!

Click below to join this beautiful community of heart centered, creative women! Just 10 minutes a day and you’ll be on your way to becoming the artist you’ve dreamed of becoming!

(And we laugh a lot too!)

I’m so excited to share that Your Artful Journey is now accepting new members! 🎉
This is my online monthly membership to help calm the soul and re-discover yourself through art journaling.
So why join Your Artful Journey?
🌺 Less stress. Calm soul.
🌺 Easy to follow classes and lessons each month led exclusively by Tracy
🌺 Monthly challenges and art prompts to help with expanding horizons
🌺 Monthly online meet ups with Tracy and her Wine with Wein Q & A art sessions
🌺 Monthly Morning Meditation Painting sessions with Tracy
🌺 Community of super supportive cheerleaders who will motivate and encourage along the way
Art is a wonderful way to relieve stress and with practice it can help to unleash creativity! ❤️
I can’t wait to get started!
Just click below for all the info 👇👇
Doors close on Monday, May 2nd so do not miss out!

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