Facebook LIVE – February 2, 2022

Happy Wednesday!  Thank you for joining in on the creative fun!  Join us LIVE every Wednesday at 5:30 pm PST on Facebook at Tracy Weinzapfel Studios

Sometimes life warrants you just scribble and not worry about the outcome.  It feels good to sit back and just enjoy the creative process for what it gives you….Wednesday was one of those nights

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You can catch the replay here on YouTube….

Thanks for another fun night sharing what I love so much! See you next Wednesday.

Give yourself permission to play and find that joy!  You will thank yourself for it.

2 thoughts on “Facebook LIVE – February 2, 2022

  1. Hope I can sell my art so I can afford some of those Sennelier watercolors! My eyes popped when I saw the price! Luckily, I love the Prima watercolors you also use. I love painting with you and not worrying about how it turns out!

    • I know! Those were a goal for me and not something I started with for sure! FYI they do make smaller sets of those 🙂
      I listed those on my Amazon Affiliate page. I TOTALLY GET IT!

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