Wednesday LIVE Demo January 11 2023

Happy Wednesday!   Thank you for joining in on the creative fun!  Join us LIVE every Wednesday at 5:30 pm PST on Facebook at Tracy Weinzapfel Studios. What a great way to end 2022!

Thank you so much for a great and freeing Wednesday night LIVE demo.

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You can catch the replay here on YouTube….

What do you want to see me paint in 2023?  I love to share what you want to see in our creative time!

Reminder we are off next week and I return January 25th!  See you then…in the meantime keep on painting!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday LIVE Demo January 11 2023

  1. So sorry I missed it. Will watch replay.
    My life is turning upside down now. Just got word my 16 story apartment building will be completely renovated starting this summer.
    Will pack us up and move us out to other hotels, motels.They will store our stuff.
    Exciting news but another life change.
    My word is BLOOM!! Trust in the powers that be.
    Maybe I will just take a long road trip when I get shipped out😉

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