Wednesday LIVE – January 5 2022

Wednesday’s demos are back and so happy to be creating with SO many!  Thank you for joining in on the creative fun!  It was so nice to catch up after a couple weeks off.  Join us LIVE every Wednesday at 5:30 pm PST.

Here is what I painted….

Feature products:

You can catch the replay here on YouTube….

Let’s get creative in 2022!  Wednesday was a great start!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday LIVE – January 5 2022

  1. Thanks for last night.
    My word of the year is Fearless! Fearless to go beyond what I think I can do.
    Fearless to go beyond any boundaries

    • As I read your comment this popped up on my phone “I am ok with stepping out of my comfort zone on my path to a better life”. I love your word and suits you perfectly

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