Adding on…..

What do most people do immediately following their wedding?  Tropical trips, traveling, adventure…not us…we break ground and are adding our dream bedroom/master bath….

Addition1 Addition2



and a new septic tank….doesn’t that sound romantic?

Addition3 Addition4

Yes the day after our family and friends left it was time to get started on our added space…

Addition5 Addition6

Looking forward to framing and our plans coming to fruition…….


I am happy to say that the foundation is in place and we are ready for that tropical honeymoon now!  Bring on the ocean, sand and hiking!

 happiness comes most easily when you know what you’re doing, believe in what you’re doing, and love what you’re doing (and who you’re doing it with), regardless of how things turn out. “

6 thoughts on “Adding on…..

  1. I hope it is not too late to put a penny in the foundations, just for good luck. Anytime i have to do renovations I also made a list of our family names and the dates of the reno. putting it in the walls.. Just thinking of the faces of the people reading this when they would do their own renos!!!! in some old houses did find some old newspapers… As I moved 16 times in my life, yes I am not young anymore, I have left little bits of my family all over the States….

    Annie v.

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