Art & Wine Girl’s Weekend

Life is  busy for us friends, that is an understatement. It is hard to make time to get away as we are all Mom’s but that time is so worth it!  I am so glad we did it!  Friday we headed out to the mountains with a completely FULL car…


I would say that what happens in Idyllwild stays in Idyllwild however I can share that TONS of laughing and sporadic bouts of cackling broke out!   The rations looked something like this….


The mornings included a balanced breakfast (thanks to Victoria!) and lots of Vitamin C…


and the Art and Wine Festival was great in Downtown Idyllwild…


Any break we had looked something like this for me…

Idyllwild4when I was not beating them down in Yahtzee….


There were chick flicks watched and also an amazing sunset for which I am forever thankful I hiked up to with Kelly to capture in my pajama’s no less……

Idyllwild7 Idyllwild8


but more then that…….it was five moms of many kids (13 kids in all) who share life’s bumpy roads.  We share stories, experiences and knowing that we are not alone in this even when we feel like we are.  We are wives (someone soon to be), friends, women, and talk was unlimited.  We welcomed a friend to her 50’s, missed a couple of friends, toasted to all we have and emptied our minds of all the adult things we handle on a daily basis.  It kind of felt like building a fort for a couple of days.  I thank them for the escape in a time when I really felt I did not have the time get away.  I will so go away remembering the sound of the loud outbrusts of cackles and our high pitched voices and the little naps I was able to sneak in.  I also value the slinking away I did to go to bed early just to wake them early (that will teach them to go to bed late talking the night away!).

Cheers Friends!  If these walls could talk……


Remember, the most important currency in life is experience.  Money comes and goes, but your experiences stay with you until your very last breath.  So don’t be afraid to mix things up and challenge yourself with new life experiences.  Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need.”


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