Basketball Banquet 2017

This week was another proud mom moment.  We attended Micky’s freshman year basketball banquet.  Be prepared for the gushing…not only over my girl but this whole team.  What a great night it was and Micky was beaming….and a nice reason to dress up.

It was such a great time at San Vicinte Resort..Kudos to our team moms for setting this all up!

Micky earned her Varsity letter (looks like it is jacket shopping time!)

and special thanks goes to all the coaches and especially this one who is building something very special.  What a great foundation!  His wise words stuck with these girls……Team Forever and Know Your Worth!  Those are life lessons he is handing them….

Such special ladies on this team…

Today’s quote is by Coach Koford “Remember Your Worth”

4 thoughts on “Basketball Banquet 2017

  1. Looks like a wonderful occasion, proud mum moment are so precious. I didn’t know you had legs Tracy, you should show them off more often, you look great. x

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