Feeding the Soul…In it’s Own Time

Of late some things that I have missed has been writing and painting….well I am happy to say my creative love for writing has hit me and I am loving the freedom of my fingers flying on the keyboard.  The response has been so nice!

These words from Linda remind me that sometimes just reaching another soul is enough.

I want to share a book that I read last night cover to cover and how it came into my hands.  First off, I feel that everything happens in it’s own time and how it is supposed to.  That has been one of life’s hardest lessons to understand.  I don’t have control over things and with life and creatively it unfolds as it should, without me driving it.  Yesterday, a good friend took me to the beach for eggs benedict and mimosas (two of my favorite things).

We went to the most wonderful store called Leaping Lotus and she showed me a part of Solana Beach that I had never seen.  I ran across this book….

Last night with a glass of wine and a bubble bath I plowed through the words and colors of this wonderful  book.  My soul read it.  I woke up wanted to read more of it.  It made me think about the things that make me want to get out of bed early every day.  What I Should and Must be doing.  It got me thinking about the one, two, hundreds (or whatever that number is) of those that leave me a comment telling me I inspire them and what matters to me.  Waking up and sharing my passion for life (especially the small things) is what matters to me.  Sometimes we get lost in that.  We lose our way.  Life gets in the way.  We forget to take that time for ourselves and find what speaks to us.

Sunday I woke up with new spring in my step.  I was up for teaching a sold out class at my local winery.  I was excited to write again.  See the lovely text messages on my phone.  Take this photo of the rain coming down outside my window.

Drink a cup of hot tea in my favorite glass before the kids awoke.  Treasure the small things.

I loved my journey with Susan to Solana Beach and to Claire’s (such great food).  Thank you for taking me and getting me down the hill.  We window shopped, we laughed and talked as old friends do.  And this book made it into my hands.  I had no idea when I picked it up that Elle Luna is an Artist and is from Michigan.  My soul read this book.  My heart took the words in and I woke up reminding myself to go back to the things that speak to me……my art journal:

Time alone….

Time with my kiddos…..

Time with friends………..

Time being Creative and hopefully making a difference…..

and time to do what speaks to me.  Because what comes from that is the ability to write and share what I hope will inspire another.  I thank those who take the time to tell me I made a little difference.  That is what I am supposed to be doing.  The rest will fall into place when it is supposed to.  Maybe one day…….my words will grace a few pages.  For now I share here.

Sometimes you spend time waiting for the ideal path to appear.  But it never does.  Because paths are made by walking, not waiting.”

4 thoughts on “Feeding the Soul…In it’s Own Time

  1. I also love your quotes and writings, Tracy, just as much as I love your artwork! You do inspire so many of us to just keep going, keep creating, keep living and enjoying our own little world. Never stop sharing your creative soul, both in art and in writing. You are important to so many of us… and we love you for how open you are to share your gifts with the world. Thanks for sharing and reminding us all to be open to sharing as well!

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