Friends, Wine, and Sunset……Perfection

Wow, two sunsets in one week!  Lucky me!  This weekend friends asked me to go to a local winery…Cordiano Winery for some wine tasting.  I had never been there and it was beautiful!  We had yummy wine and wood fired pizza…….TWB_2341a 
saw a beautiful sunset!…..

TWB_2346a TWB_2390a 
She may kill me but my friend is beautiful (inside and out!) and such a great mom……

and despite the fact her hubby is a Bears fan I like him too……afterall I am his second Tracy…

who does not want to just squeeze these little cheeks on Maggie-pie….

and fair is fair……….the camera got turned on me 🙂

hey, wait…..I was not looking and you got my turkey neck…gobble, gobble!

I guess that smile (and the 42 chins around it) says it all……..Another local place I was introduced to and will be going back for sure!


"People love and appreciate others, not just for who they are, but for how they make us feel." ~Irwin Freedman

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