High School Basketball Overload…

I promise not to be the gushing mom……..nope I don’t promise.  I share the special moments and this season is certainly a special one for my daughter. High school basketball rules our time and I am proud of her hard work whether they win or lose.  It is fun to see her learning so much.  They lost to RB last week and fought hard…

Special thanks to Susan and Kayla for coming out and supporting her Goddaughter…..


Friday night against……….WIN against Mt Carmel!


Saturday against Vista…..big win!


Monday was super exciting but Mom of the Year forgot the battery to her camera so my phone had to do for her FIRST VARSITY game!  It was a loss but marked her first time coming off the bench and getting a basket so a win in my book!

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Saturday morning this happened…her first job and I did not miss the chance to go see her!  (I mean how many get to go see their kids at their first day of work with a huge camera).


Now we need to work on the height…not sure how I have the shortest one on the team..Go Bulldogs!


This ends my gushing moment. Proud to see her work so hard and smile a lot!

Happiness is a how, not a what.  A mindset, not a destination.  It’s about enjoying all the little things, while chasing after the big ones.  Happiness does not start when “this, that or the other thing” is resolved – it happens now, when you appreciate what you have.  So no matter what else may be going on, always remember that you have been blessed with this moment and the ability to live it as you choose.

8 thoughts on “High School Basketball Overload…

  1. What a FUN post – loved reading every word. Just think how much higher she has to jump for a basket than those other gals. She just flys! So adorable. You SHOULD be proud for sure Tracy. I”m proud for you both 🙂 – HIGH FIVE! j.

  2. I remember those days fondly! With both of the boys playing basketball there were weeks that we didn’t eat a meal at home because one or both had either practice or a game or both! I wouldn’t trade a second of time spent watching them play and we never missed a game! Sometimes we had to split up and go to separate games because both were playing at different schools but we kept each other up to date on what was going on at the games we had to split for!
    Congratulations to your daughter on 2 of 3!

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