High School Here They Come!

Last week was a busy one which was marked with the promotion of my two 8th graders to being FRESHMEN in high school!  Where oh where has the time gone!  So very proud of them and all their hard work…..


They are two strong individuals…..


Loved seeing them with their friends…and following around like the paparazzi.

Promo3 Promo4

Four more years and I could not be more proud to be their Mom, biggest fan and taxi driver!Promo5

But for now we are going to enjoy the summer off!  This concludes this proud Mommy moment.

You always have a choice.  Choose to be negative and you’ll find plenty of reasons to stop and frown.  Choose to be positive and you’ll find plenty of reasons to step forward and smile.  Truly, the most powerful weapon against stress and discouragement is our ability to choose one thought over another.  Train your mind to see the good in everything.”

13 thoughts on “High School Here They Come!

  1. they grow so fast. My grandbaby is 30. She’s an audiologist.
    When I held her in my arm a couple years ago (seems like a couple years anyway) she was so small and helpless. Now she’s married, a professional, and a woman in her own right.
    Enjoy these years while they are still “yours”.

  2. What a wonderful day!! I remember when my boys started High School! It is a bittersweet moment! They are no longer “kids” yet not quite “adults”. It is amazing how fast time flies!
    Congratulations to both of them and to their proud Mom!

  3. Sweet pictures!!! Know you are proud!! Before you know it ~ you’ll be at their college graduation! <3 Hope y'all have a great summer before High School!! 😀

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