Hummingbird ‘Hood

What started out as a quest to get a hummingbird or two to just show up to one feeder has now turned into a full on hummingbird hub.  Yes…… me a little bird crazy but these little things are a challenge and fun to have around.  The ‘hood just got a little big bigger with the addition of three more feeders. What is nice is we can view them from the bedroom and the kitchen…

Hummer1and yet again I am out stalking them..

Hummer2 Hummer3Hummer4I welcome them and thank them for reminding me to pull out my camera and just enjoy their feeding frenzy.  My goal is now to get two of them in a shot.  We are going to see how these do and don’t be surprised if another feeder shows up.  We are all enjoying looking out and seeing how many are there and who rules the roost.

Life simply isn’t black or white – 100% of this or 100% of that – all or nothing.  Thinking in extremes like this is a fast way to misery, because negative thinking tends to view any situation that’s less than perfect as being extremely bad.  All or nothing thinking completely misses out the subtle shades in life.  It makes us see the future in terms of dramatic disasters, disappointments and catastrophes.  Sure, disasters occasionally happen, but contrary to what you many see on the evening news, most of life occurs in a grey area between the extremes of bliss and devastation.The first step to overcoming negative thinking isn’t to ‘just be positive’ suddenly, but to carefully look for shades of grey.”



2 thoughts on “Hummingbird ‘Hood

  1. Love your hummer hub! The pictures are so great. Love the one you got with him sitting still too!!! They are so fun to watch 🙂 Perhaps you will become a hummer expert painter too!!! j.

    • One almost flew in the room this morning when the door was open…that is too close for me LOL! Thanks Joi!

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