My hummingbirds are back…Crazy Bird Lady

Speaking of Mother Nature…..crazy bird lady is back!  I am on a daily rotation of emptying my hummingbird feeder’s and even added a new one to the mix this year (thanks to Mary and Danielle!).

There is just something about 15 of these birds dive bombing in and feeding while I drink my morning tea or eat dinner.

I am even considering chickens now.  At least they supply fresh eggs.  I may be turning in the crazy bird lady even more now.

Passion is powerful!  It rests deep within you and passively drives your feelings, choices, and courses of actions.  It can’t be ignored, and it shouldn’t be ignored.  Your passion will likely become the sole source of your greatest achievements and your finest moments.  The fevering excitement of love.  The joy of work that moves you.  The clarity of your purpose.  The ecstasy of letting go and being one with the present moment.  In a nutshell, this is what passion gradually does for you.  Without it there is little peace of mind in the end—just a hollow existence of unfulfilled dreams—a lifetime left mostly unlived.”

8 thoughts on “My hummingbirds are back…Crazy Bird Lady

  1. So happy to see that bringing you hours of enjoyment watching your hummingbirds!
    You should talk to Geri from Aussi Rescue, she has chickens….and as crazy as it sounds her chickens are beautiful! She has these black chickens whose feathers are so shinny they look like velvet. She knows someone who hand raises them and they good layers and friendly! 🙂

  2. My neighbors started out with just a few chickens 3 years ago and are now up to more than 50 chickens. They have quite a variety of breeds and it is cool seeing who lays what color egg. I love waking up to the cock-a-doodle-doo of the rooster each morning.
    We are so lucky to have them as neighbors because we get all the benefits of having chickens with none of the work since they give us all the eggs we can use and never have to clean up any poop! LOL TFS!

    • I am not sure I want the roosters but looking for hens and I think I found a coop so this happen! Everyone keeps saying I will get more. I will make sure to share!

  3. We enjoy our hummingbirds year round! Love watching them, so graceful. They even nest in the same place & it’s so cool to see the babies when they start coming out of the nest. Good luck with the chickens.

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