More inspiration, Art and Zing!

It’s been awhile since I shared one of those deep thought posts. 45 years is about to turn to 46.  Back to my art……..back to my writing.  Back to what makes my soul sing.  Back to stealing moments poolside with a glass of wine to watch the sun set.


Heck…back to see the ocean and see the sun set with sand between my toes…….


Sometimes you lose your zing for life.  You get lost in the stuff……..yep it happens.  Life can throw lots of “stuff” at you.  Being an Artist is kind of like wearing your heart on your sleeve and exposing it for everyone to see….


When your passion is your business there is this fine line of not sharing enough and sharing too much.  Time to embrace these wise words…..”Find a happy medium.  SAVE yourself from false guilt over family/friends etc.  SAVE yourself from believing silly messages you receive from the work world.  Find YOURSELF and move forward.  Take every thought captive that puts guilt and doubt in your mind.  ENJOY your 40’s… be wise but be free.  Don’t overdo – and do what you WANT to do – move forward.”  I know first hand that life is too short and sometimes cut even shorter.

46 is right around the corner and I have to embrace the imperfections… the journey.  Work hard, love fierce and bring back that Zing!


Thankful for so many who are part of this creative path and propel me to push forward. Especially thankful for those awesome people who are part of my team and are there by my side.  They keep it real and remind me who I am.  and thankful for this guy…..


Time to make some beautiful things.


More inspiration, more art and more zing!

The secret to getting ahead is to focus your energy not on fixing and fighting yesterday, but on building and growing something new right now.”


10 thoughts on “More inspiration, Art and Zing!

  1. creative folks seem to feel the bumps more than others. You have always been real in your bumps…some up and some down. Thank you for being honest and real about who you are. Just as you are experiencing changes your art too has changed…emerged. Pick up that brush…

  2. I turned 46 this year and have made some important changes: I have made more time to do things that I enjoy, to experiment and try out new ideas. ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ they say – and I don’t….don’t worry about the insignificant things, focus on the important ones instead. Spend time with those who make you smile, and laugh more. This year I decided to Be Happy and it is working!! Hope you have a great birthday and a fabulous year ahead xx

  3. Tracy, I’m always so inspired by your posts and the quotes on at the bottom. I turn 46 this year too. 1970 was a good year. I’ve noticed less focus on the small stuff and a calming feeling “that everything will work out one way or another.” I’m trying to pick up more brushes this year too

  4. Happy Birthday Month! You are beautiful inside and out. I’m SO glad that I wandered over to your channel one day! I wish I could be at the live streams more but I do what I can. I love BOTH of the quotes you put up. They made me feel a lot better. Thank you!

  5. I finally made the decision to stop and do what I love . It was such a leap of faith to decide to just ‘ go for it!’ , but as I saw 60 coming up this next year I decided I couldn’t keep putting off the dream. I enjoy the peeks into your life and what makes Tracy tick. Thank you for the constant Inspiration and sharing.

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