Life in the Construction Lane

Yes, I feel like I am living life in the construction lane.  Strange men looking in my windows in the wee hours of the morning.


The sound of saws, hammers, drills and decisions that need to be made.  Decisions that we will have to live with!  But it is coming along and I really do like our contractors.  Our General Contractor gets my demented sense of humor so most of our meetings end up with us laughing.  As I pass by in my morning pink robe to get my tea the subs just feel at home.

The tile in the bathroom is nearly done. Pete is the only allowed one in that tub space and only because I need him to finish before my tub goes in…


The stucco is done!



and more tile going in the new hallway which has been my nemesis after the existing kitchen tile was discontinued….


Stay tuned for electrical……..and the concrete goes in this weekend.  Soon life in the construction lane will end and I will have to find our next big project.  I may take some time off to relax and enjoy the new space.  The day is nearing where my coveted tub will be installed.  That is the day to rejoice!  Every subcontractor knows that the is target day!

Don’t be pushed by your problems.  Be led by your dreams.  Live the life you want to live.  Be the person you want to remember years from now.  Make decisions and act on them.  Make mistakes, fail and try again.  Even if you fail a thousand times, at least you won’t have to wonder what could have been.  At least you will know in your heart that you gave your dreams your best shot.  Each of us has a fire in our hearts burning for something.  It’s our responsibility in life to find it and keep it lit.  Because it’s far better to fail in originality, our own way, than to succeed in imitation every day of our lives.”

12 thoughts on “Life in the Construction Lane

  1. I dont envy you with all the dust flying around, had my kitchen redone last year that was enough , I do feel your pain, but the end results are near and joy will be yours.

    Annie v.

  2. It will all be worth it in the end….Just go to your studio and “focus” (my word for the year) and maybe you won’t even know they are there 🙂 maybe

  3. Your first picture reminds me of Poltergeist when the construction worker reaches in through the window to eat some of their breakfast and coffee.

    I’m an impatient person so I don’t envy you at all. Thankfully you’ll have something very nice at the end of it all.

  4. Haha- I’d have to remember to come out dressed! heehee Wouldn’t want to scare anyone to death! lol
    Soon, just keep thinking of that glorious tub and the long hot soak you will take~
    I live for my hot-tub- even running through the snow to lounge in it! Nothing like a nice hot soak to calm a woman’s mind!

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