Mad Musings of a Bride – Part 2

Well….the week is upon us.  The invitations were painted, mailed.  The RSVP cards have returned, the food has been selected.


THE dress, the SHOES!, the grooms clothes, are ready to be worn.  The place cards have been painted and ready for the table arrangements…


The details…the turquoise glasses received as a gift….are ready for the champagne. (thanks Mary!)


The Bride has stressed and wanted to give the dress alterations lady a piece of her mind.  What was to be a simple affair has had a list of items checked off one at a time.  

The family and friends will start to arrive two by four by more……..the hair and makeup will be done.  All the things a girl must do to be at her prettiest.  The girlfriends will be there to make sure it is perfect and to laugh when things are not.  The groom will get his $9 hair cut and shower (LUCKY!).  And the Dad will walk the bride down the isle to meet her groom….stay tuned ♥

 Decide today what you want your life to look like, and then start living in ways that point only to that plan. It is entirely possible to live the life that your heart yearns to live!!  And it is never too late.


32 thoughts on “Mad Musings of a Bride – Part 2

  1. Congrats Tracy! Just relax and enjoy this time. Monday of this week my daughter called to tell me her boyfriend proposed to her! We are just starting thus journey down the isle.

  2. Tracy you have no idea how happy I am for you! I started watching monday nights when it was still that glue company ;D and you were on 2x’s a month I think it was, and I would watch those nights, then you started down your own path. I am so proud of you! and I hope that you know how special you are! I have watched you grow and achieve your dreams while staying true to yourself and your beliefs and morals.showing it can be done! your friendship and encouragement mean so much to me! can’t even express that!
    I wish for you a gorgeous day,a soft breeze and no rain! ha! (it absolutely POURED on my Wedding day! But you know everyone still remembers it! lol
    I think you have found the perfect man for you! your smile and your face say it is true!
    Sending you Blessings for a beautiful life together!

    P.S next time I see you, you will be a Mrs!! <3
    we need a girls night! or happy hour!! 😀

    • Mary you have no idea how much your words to me. From that moment we met….I thank you for all those lovely wishes! ♥

  3. I don’t think you fell in love with each other for your wedding planning skills. Please be calm and keep John as your center. You have chosen an intimate affair with family and your closest friends and not one of them will care about anything except whether you and John are enjoying this special day. In all the nervousness, you will forget a lot of the day and will, of course, remember everything that you feel went wrong. Laugh, Tracy… you are at your best and are just lovely when you do. Here is to hoping you have a great day full of laughter and love…. Love your shoes, but would have gotten a huge chuckle out of turquoise high tops with lots of bling hidden under that dress 🙂

  4. My sweet friend…..I am BEYOND happy for you. To see your face light up when you talk about John is so awesome. You will be beautiful as ever. You will shine. You will glow. You will panic about something you think is wrong at some point…..and because you are you, you will look for that silver lining and just go with it. You will realize afterwards, the one thing you thought was wrong will be the one thing you will look back on a realize it was soooo not worth the worry at the time and smile. You will put your sore feet up at the end of the day with a glass of wine and know in your heart how perfect the day was. Clink my friend. One day we will do that in person……I promise. Love ya. Sending big squishy huggss.

    • LOVE YOU and all your words Yvonne!!!!!!!! Yes we will and can you imagine how great it will be to clink in real life!!

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