Mad Musings of a Bride – Part 4

The wedding is over and the thank you’s have just been mailed.  I had tunnel vision to that date making sure all the details were perfect.  They were.  From the dinner the night before thrown by wonderful friends to the day of it was amazing.  My girlfriends surrounded me, laughed with me, poured a mid afternoon mimosa and made sure I was in that dress perfectly…….



and then it was go time….I got to see the kids first…..

Tracy_John 006 Tracy_John 030


Then it was show time…

Tracy_John 067


It was the most beautiful day…

Tracy_John 211 Tracy_John 472 Tracy_John 552

in the most perfect shoes…..have I mentioned how much I loved my shoes.  More to come on that..

Tracy_John 580

and I got photo-bombed by a seagull

Tracy_John 589

and we got married…

Tracy_John 626 Tracy_John 627 Tracy_John 653


Thanks to Dream Beach Weddings for these photos.  We cannot wait to see the rest!

My brother got these candid moments on my camera and so glad he did…..

Wedding1 Wedding2


I will share our vows (with John’s permission)…his were so beautiful and were very hard to follow…not a dry eye in the house.

“Tracy, before we met my family went through a tragedy.  We lost an incredible woman, mother, wife, companion, and friend and when that happens you don’t know if the sun will come up the next day but it did, and you don’t know how to move forward but you do.  And then you wonder if you will ever find love  again.  Then along came Hurricane Weinzapfel.  I never knew what hit me.  Through your kindness, warmth, and caring you showed me that it was indeed possible to have it all again.  My family is very fortunate today we are gaining an incredible woman, mother, wife, companion and my best friend.  It is my intent to not only tell you that I love you every day but to show you. Tracy, I look foward to what life has in store for us and I will be by your side as your partner as we wald down this path together. I love you.”

My turn:

John, today I take my sole proprietor status and officially move forward in a partnership.  I am proud from this day forth to be the CEO of this company we call family.  I could not be more happy to have you as my partner, my best friend, my protector, my rock, my comedian, my shoulder to cry on and sleep on.  The love of my life.  Everything is better with you by my side and has been since the day we met.  You  have stepped up for me and the kids. I promise to continue doing the same for you and Hunter.  Your happiness is important to me.  Having you want to come home to me, the chaos, and the home we build together is my priority.  Thank you for choosing me to be  your partner for life.  One year ago I sent out the last best wink of my life and never knew how my life would change for the better  Through phone calls, texts and that over-the-time-limit first date that you remind me I was 7 minutes late it has only gotten better. You broke every one of my silly rules.  I love you more than words can express and promise to uphold my end of the partnership.  I love you.”

and then we had the most amazing reception with our friends and family…it sure felt great to let my hair down and celebrate.

Tracy & John-0039-BW-rs


so on this day I conclude the Mad Musings of a Bride.  I now carry on as wife and mother……..but the shoes are a constant reminder of that day.

always count your blessings, but don’t forget to make your blessings count too.  There’s no good reason why you must settle for anything less than the very best life has to offer.  Start now by sincerely appreciating the things you have and making the most of them.  Happiness and success in life are not the byproducts of limitless resources.  Happiness and success stem from stretching the limits of the available resources.” 

20 thoughts on “Mad Musings of a Bride – Part 4

  1. Oh Tracy, what a beautiful family! Thank you, John, for allowing us to read your vows and thank you, Tracy for sharing them. It is clear that you 2 are madly in love and are soul mates. Hey John, yes, will be surprises with Tracy, but only pleasant and fun ones! Spontaneity is the spice of life. Cheers and blessings for a spicy life together. So happy for the both of you and your kiddos, too!!

  2. Thank you Tracy for allowing me and also the rest of our MMM crew into your courtship and eventual partnership and wedding. We are all very blessed to have been included in any of it. We wish you and John and your children many many years of happiness.

  3. Beautiful vows! I know, from first hand experience, exactly how your John felt. To wonder if you will ever find love again after you have lost what you believed was the love of your life weighs heavy on your heart. But then to find that second love and have them be so special is a true miracle!
    Looks like he found his miracle and you found the love of a lifetime !
    Be happy and enjoy your life together!

  4. Oh wow my sweet friend!!!! I didn’t make it past the first line of John’s vow’s!! And then yours got me going all over again. You have indeed found an amazing soul mate and I only wish you forever happiness together. John, it sounds like you have Tracy pegged when you called her a hurricane. Strap those shoes of yours on and sit back and enjoy the ride. Just be prepared to rein in those laces of hers every once in a while and make her sit and “just breath” from time to time. She’s an amazing girl…..but I think you already know that….lol. My heart smiles each time I think of you Tracy and may you never stop wearing those fabulous shoes of yours. Mwahhhhh.
    Much love and huggss,

  5. Everything was so beautiful! There wasn’t a dry eye here either after I read your vows lol All the best to you,John and the family! I am enjoying all your “SHOE” pics lol

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