The Ocean……Vote for some House Art (GIVEAWAY)

9/19/17 – WINNER WINNER is Karen Nofziger!!!  Please email me your address at to claim your prize

I am on a quest to find the perfect photo(s) to go in my bedroom which means playing tourist in my own city.  This past weekend was Oceanside Pier for the sunset.

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5

I am thinking one big canvas of my favorite place…….my calm place with my toes in the sand but just may need a couple of canvases but taking a poll of your favorite.  I may just have to pick more than one!  Leave me a comment as I would love to know your favorite….SEE GIVEAWAY BELOW!

Just fooling around here but kind of love it….

Just for leaving a comment I am giving away a Ministry of Mixology Goody Bag (contents may vary).  This is giveaway #1 this week!  Leave me a comment with your favorite for a chance to win.  Drawing is next Tuesday, Sept 19th!   GIVEAWAY #2 will be posted tomorrow with the Mixed Media Monday RE-Cap!!

Calmness is a human superpower.  The ability to not overreact or take things personally keeps your mind clear and your heart at peace.  It’s never too late to change your attitude about something you can’t change.  Just decide to make the best of it.  Take life day by day and be grateful for the little things.  No excuses.  Let go of all the purposeless drama, aimless time-wasters, and mental clutter that keeps getting in your way.”

75 thoughts on “The Ocean……Vote for some House Art (GIVEAWAY)

  1. #4
    1. Colors: lots of different colors from warm to cool – combines all color schemes.
    2. The waves: are larger but calm – seems like you can almost hear them making their glorious sounds.
    3. There is a bird: flying high, free, fun, bird’s eye view!! That’s how I like to think of you – always have. Being your own person – free.
    4. Symmetry: it amazingly symetrical for a photo. The waves are so uniform and lovely with the horizon.
    5. The sun: or is it? It’s so neat that it could be rising or setting. And it has the added dimension across the front – making the colors even more stunning.

    You have two of the pier – and they are really lovely – great pictures. Photo 1 is my favorite of the two. It would be hard to choose between the pier and the sun/sea pics for sure.

    You will go with makes your heart happy – I have great faith in that!!! And that’s perfect. Xj.

    • Thanks Joi………… I may just have to get a few of these done and put them in my room. They calm me to look at them ♥ #1 is my secret favorite 🙂

  2. You have made is very hard. But my choice would be #1, I love how you captured the blue sky with the dark pier and the reflection of the sun.

  3. They are all lovely but the last one with your hands as a heart is the one that is truly you and reflects your love of the beach and the beautiful sunset and your personality!

  4. If it was me, I would choose photo #2. The way the last bit of sun is shining makes this photo feel very spiritual and gives me a sense of peacefulness.
    I love ALL these photos and would probably wind up doing a collage with them.
    You are so talented at everything you do! TFS!

  5. This was a hard decision…. I love them all, but if I had to choose 2 (yes I know, you said one, but…. LOL) I’d choose #1 and #2

  6. I instantly liked #2 to go with the Grey’s in your bedroom, but I know you put that damn Lions blanket on the bed too. So, #1 would probably work best. (It was my second choice even before I remembered your love for the Lions)

    Don’t pick me to win.
    Good luck everyone else!!!!

  7. Love them all , but for me #4 is the calm, the peace at the end of the day. But I am sure there is a spot for all of them in your home!;-)

  8. Love the composition of #5 with the structure of the bridge, the people looking over the bridge, the swimmers/boarders in the water -all in the shadow of the setting sun. Gorgeous.

  9. They are all beautiful, but #4 would be it for me. I can see myself sitting in the sand with no sound but the waves and the gulls – able to just be!

  10. I love #1, very serene. Reminds me of Old Orchard Beach in my home state of Maine. I love walking that beach and going under the pier.

  11. They are all gorgeous Tracy. But the one that gets my vote if I had to choose is the one you haven’t numbered and that is the heart, because in my mind when I think of you, you are all about love. But they are all very special. So put them all up.

  12. Definitely photo #1. I love the contrasts of light and dark and also the yellows and blues in the photo. Not knowing what your color scheme is may have changed things up a bit. But I love that photo.

  13. I would select #3…the calmness of the ocean and the display of the Heavenly clouds would start my day off GREAT!!! To me this photo, is simply relaxing and yet energizing

  14. ooh so hard to decide. love them all! depends on colors you are looking for but if I had to pick it would be #4. love ocean themes

  15. Hi Tracy lovely pics! It kind of depends on the colours in your room because I LOVE photo 5, however the saturated yellow might not suit. I would say photos 1 or 2 if you need more neutral. They are both perfect.

  16. Love photo #4. It has a great combo of colors so it would be more versatile. Any of them would be beautiful, though! Great pics!

  17. Photos 3 & 4 would look good together. I like the dark contrast on both of these. But then if you had 2 in as well it would be a triptych. You could even cut them down a bit to make them long and narrow.
    Having put my English “two penneth” in I must say I like the whole lot.

  18. Photo two is just beautiful! I love wide open spaces . They are mesmerizing to me. I also like the heart too even though it not up for voting. Nice sentiment for the bedroom.

  19. Photo 5 is my favorite I love how the surfer is so small compaired to the hugeness of the ocean and bridge .good luck with the canvas. I really could use that goody bag !!

  20. love #1…..i can imagine standing under or near the pier and the wind blowing with the sound of the waves hitting the pier ….
    also knowing the beautiful color the walls are in your room and vanity area i think it would be beautiful!

    and if by some odd chance you would draw me please choose someone else since I already have a Media bag. 🙂

  21. Photo #1 is my favorite. I have such an incredible sense of peace looking at it. You can almost feel the cool water on your feet. 🙂

  22. I love all the pictures!,but if I had to choose just one it is #4 with the sun setting. Beatiful,calm and restful. Just as the sun sets I find that time of day tranquil.

  23. Number 4: softer, warmer, and less distractions. I think the others are stunning too but in my opinion they would suit spaces that did not involve relaxing.

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