Proud Mom Moment…First High School Game

A big moment in the house happened yesterday…….hearing the announcement of Michaela by the high school announcer at her first High School Basketball Game:


Ramona High School Girls Basketball:

11/29/16 game vs. West Hills
-JV won 53-25 with Michaela Burgos scoring 16 points, Jolie Davis scoring 18 points, and Sarina Talle with 15 rebounds

-Varsity lost 39-54 with leading scorers Chiara Mattern with 25 points and Elexis Espina with 7 points


and this win felt great too!  all the girls did great.


Love these two….


Proud mom moment realized………

Thank you for my imagination and creativity.” – Imagination and creativity are everything.  Together, they draw the preview of your life’s coming attractions.  And there are people in nearly every career field who make each day a work of art simply by the way they have mastered their craft.  In other words, almost everyone is an artist in some way.

6 thoughts on “Proud Mom Moment…First High School Game

  1. Smiling big! Wow – she looks great and what a player. Congrats on the win and achieving proud mom success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What fun to be there and watch her FLY – almost literally!!! j.

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