Sunday Morning……..release, relax, and remind

It’s Sunday morning…the house is quiet.  I am sipping tea from my new cup that I bought for me, just because……it made me happy.


I started my morning by watching and listening to my hummingbirds feed on a cool, crisp morning.

This week has been an emotional one.  I can admit to that. We all have them. I have been task oriented and painting in preparation for my trip to Kentucky this week.  My anxiety has seen the best of me at times.  I have been tired, exhausted and exhilarated all in the same week.  I have talked to a close friend who just wanted to hear me talk (lol……..I was easily able to do that).  I had to remind her of our silent friend in need clause that we signed a long time ago in college.  And that was a life binding one so I am always here for her.

I am reminded and blessed by the peeps I have. The moms in my village. The miles we walk, talk and compare parenting notes & tips.  This gig is not easy.  It is worth it but you just hope and pray it is the one job you get right.  We are not our kids friends…………yet.  We have a job to do.  And you have to go easy on yourself.  I don’t do that so well.

I am thankful for my fella who I have no idea some days why he drives home.  I swear one day I will hear a mariachi band in the background and find his passport is gone.  He always assures me otherwise ♥.  We live in a time of social media where things appear to be perfect and us Super Women need to be reminded we and things are not.  So on this Sunday, I say to myself it is great to be there for a friend.  It is great to have those friends.  I love my job that I challenges me in ways I never imagined.  I hope and pray I can knock it out of the park next week as I take on some new things.  I get to work from my home studio which I love and paint pretty things.  It takes hard work, dedication, never ending passion and a lot of support (thanks again to my fella).

So this morning I WRITE (my word of 2015) to release, relax, and remind myself to go easy on myself.  It may be a reminder to someone else to do the same.  November is the time for gratitude and thanks………for me every day of year is used for that. Especially when life is messy.   So cheers with my tea in my pretty polka dotted cup that reminds me of the simple things.  Slow down, enjoy them, be in the moment and have a blessed Sunday.

And for those who think this is deep and insightful (well at least I hope so)……….don’t worry. I will return to my beer drinking, boot wearing self tonight who is screaming like a teenager seeing Garth Brooks in concert!

This is what I know for sure…sometimes in life you need to buy and use that pretty China with your favorite tea, you have to go easy on yourself, know that life is sometimes messy, things will work out the way they are supposed to, you have surrounded yourself with great peeps who you are there for like they are for you, and spoiling yourself is needed. So cheers to a blessed Sunday.  ~Tracy Weinzapfel

8 thoughts on “Sunday Morning……..release, relax, and remind

  1. You are such a Blessing Tracy!
    Happy Anniversary ! The first of many many more I am sure! I have no doubt in fact that the 2 of you were meant to be in this time. You both needed your previous lives to prepare you for this one!
    Sending both you and John a Anniversary hug! And a silent prayer for your favorite baseball catcher who is taking you to the concert tonight! Haha!
    When you get back from DecoArts I need some Tracy time to! I’m going thru withdrawals ! Lol

    • Deal, Deal and Deal! Thank you so much my friend! Excited to have this week under my belt and see what the next adventure is! Love ya!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Good advice from you…we all need to slow down at times and remind ourselves of the simpler things in life that bring us joy! Good luck in all your new endeavors!

    • I think of you so often. I was going to email you end of October and could not find your email address. I wanted you to know I was thinking of you and Alicia was in my heart ♥

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