We all have a story…

Tuesday I had an work appointment downtown to a place I have not been in 6 years.  I was early so I decided to take in the streets of downtown San Diego in the perfect weather.  I stopped for lunch and spoiled myself with a mimosa, took in the people waking by including the homeless woman talking to herself. I walked blocks in my heels. I smiled…..I enjoyed this most amazing city I live in and that is safe enough for me to walk in. I ate a turkey apple sandwich that left me wanting more. I ate a potato pancake that reminded me of mom's. 

We all have a story

We all have a story


I could not help overhear the woman next to me talking to her mother about her impending divorce. I wanted to jump in and tell her she would be ok but I don't know her story. You will walk a long walk, do the work, be stronger, smile through the tears. I know a lot of people including me that know that journey….it is not easy. What would I even tell her…in time you will smile and be in a different place. Her situation sounds bad…I minded my own business and let mom do her job. She asked me about the mimosa and I answered ….it's strawberry.

I watched tourists kiss and laugh. Everyone had a story, a journey, troubles, triumphs. I wondered what theirs was. For now I just walked and took it all in.  I am a different person now but the same in so many ways…true to me, my kids.  As I walked I had a different gait. I am stronger, smiling and taking it in. We are sometimes so hard on ourselves, our choices, the path, what we don't or do have going on.  This day taking a moment to appreciate my story, my spirit…

We all have a story

We all have a story

We all have a story


I finished my work and was again early for dinner………….hello Blick, my happy place!


Then off to dinner with some amazing friends, truly talented photographers and artists!  We laughed and talked and got up-to-date on all in our lives as moms, women, photographers, artists…….


in the City I love……..recognizing my spirit!  What is your story?  How are you telling it and what are your triumphs?  This is only Chapter 1 of my story….stay tuned!

"We all have a story to tell whether we publish it or keep it
for just ourselves or family; allow yourself to be heard."


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