When the Words just fail me….The Pictures do Not

When I lack words I find it best to write and this past week has been one where the words have failed me.  This week I have been surrounded by my Village… our little village…my girlfriends, fellow Moms, happy hour partners in crime……..you name it.  Hours and hours of photos, laughter, clinking of glasses and so much more…..

tina tina1 tina2 tina3 Tina4 Tina5 Tina6 tina7 tina8 tina9 tina10 tina11 tina12When one is weak, the other is strong.  When birthdays come around we  make time in our busy schedules and clink, when sarcasm is needed it is a’plenty.  When rides are needed for the kids they get to where they need to be.  When a weekend away in the mountains was needed we went.  When I needed a wedding dress……SHE made me go and put this on!


and they made sure I made it to walk down the isle with the right dress on…..


We made the time….and we will not get the same time in return.  Life is precious.  More precious then we know


The words just do not seem to do it justice but our friend Tina never took a bad photo and is dearly loved……..

IMG_8734For those who know our MIGHTY Village set up a GoFundMe Account to support the McAllister Family and we pray for Mike, Jess and Matt:

GoFundAt a time like this when the words fail us….I can write and say your light is bright Tina and your kiddos are a direct reflection of that:


and to all with a village……hug them, thank them and be reminded you are never alone.  To those who know and love Tina we are thinking of you along with Mike, Jess, and Matt. And to all those who are lucky enough to love someone so much that it hurts this much…be grateful.  You are blessed.

Those are my words………it’s all I got.

♥♥ I dedicate this to: Tina, Victoria, Lori, Kelly. Shawn and Jeri. ♥ ♥   

17 thoughts on “When the Words just fail me….The Pictures do Not

  1. No words can help and only love and comfort will help you and your village. My prayers go out to all of you, be there for each other, love each other and support each other. At the end of the day it is precious and you are all loved in one way or another xx

  2. Beautifully written. Sometimes people enter our lives for only a short time but their impact last a lifetime. That appears to be true in this case. My heart breaks forTina’s family and her village.

  3. Tracy, you have a beautiful way of expressing what I am unable to. Thank you for this incredible tribute to a friend, wife and mom that loved and lived with her whole heart! XO

  4. Beautiful.
    Praying and sending Love.
    I found our the Patron Saint of cancer patients is St. Peregine. Praying to him to watch over your friend and to touch her. Miracles happen every day praying for a Miracle for Tina and your Village. ❤

  5. Tracy I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. I had to share with you though how eloquent your writing is. I have jotted down your words and the quote from Victoria Erickson to remind myself and pass on to others the appreciation, love, and friendship we need to show those around us every day. Even in your sorrow you are inspiring others. May God Bless you.

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