Friday Favorites August 19 2022

Here we go with this week’s Friday Favorites which is LIVE the second Friday of each month at 8:00 am PST on Tracy Weinzapfel Studios Facebook Page

  1. Cinch
  2. Cinch (Pink)
  3. Binding Spirals
  4. Glass Lids
  5. 2 New LIMITED EDITION GelliArts Kits:  Holiday Card Kit and Stamping & Printing Kit:  USE DISCOUNT CODE:  TracyW to save.  Replay from Wednesday HERE.
  6. Glass Paints – DecoArt:
    Save 20% on your first order. CLICK to order and use code TW2022H2 (manually select the button “Add Coupon Code” and then type in the code. Then press enter. Then total will show a new total with the discount).  This coupon cannot be combined with any other discounts save HERE

T-Shirt club Monthly T-Shirt Subscription:   One of the most fun things I joined this year is Framed T-Shirt Club by Sarah Williams monthly t-shirt club!  This has been one of my Friday Favorites and I just love getting in new shirts every month.  So far I have loved every one of them and they are so me!  Here is my new one I just got for August…!   LINK

Replay of our LIVE Friday Favorites:

Did you hear that my next Workshop was released to sign up!  Sign up HERE  All details and materials are provided in this link:

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites August 19 2022

  1. On your cover for the journal, I believe you said it was cardboard. Does the cinch go through the cardboard too?
    I read the description on the cinch and it said light weight paper. What type of paper did you use? Any information would be helpful.
    I really appreciate your willingness to have fridays favorites. They are so helpful.
    Thank you.
    Cheryl Tucker

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