Friday Favorites – February 11 2022

Here we go with this week’s Friday Favorites which is LIVE every Friday at 8:00 am PST on twstudios Facebook Page

In the spirit of the Mixed Media Heart Workshop that we have been doing all week I am going to list my Favorite Mixed Media products that I will be using with Mixed Media Makers.  Now this is beyond the basic core materials that I recommend in the Core Videos that you have access to right when you join!  These are supplies we will be using in the near future on fun projects:

  1. Weathered Wood
  2. Crackle Paste
  3. Modeling Paste
  4. Stencils – I added my favorite stencils to my shop!  Get them while supplies last.
  5. Stencil Brush Set

Save 15% on your first order. CLICK to order and use code TWS2215 (manually select the button “Add Coupon Code” and then type in the code. Then press enter. Then total will show a new total with the discount) to save HERE


Speaking of Mixed Media Makers:   I am so excited that the Mixed Media Makers Membership is now open for new members!

Every month there will be new mixed media projects as well as an entire community of creative friends just like you!
This is a perfect place for beginners!
  • Each lesson is explained step-by-step and there are always supply lists for each project!
Mixed Media has so much potential – fun and different techniques and projects to explore!
I can’t wait to have you join us!
First 25 FULL YEAR new memberships will get a FREE gift!  Doors are open for a limited time only and close on Monday!

I hope you enjoyed this art-filled week full of my favorites!  I want to hear what you want to see next.  Just drop me a comment and I will share.  Check out prior FRIDAY FAVORITES.


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – February 11 2022

  1. Love Friday favorites. I have been arting a long time and have just about everything you have mentioned BUT often learn new things about using the product. One thing I thought you were going to feature this week (I may have misunderstood) were those little orange feet you use to keep your canvas off the table. Also I know it is not SUPPLIES- but sometimes knowing what you use to organize your art supplies. I am constantly changing things over here…so much stuff! I love it all of course. Loved your little lap desk!

    • Those will be featured very soon. (probably next week). I just wrote down to remind myself. Thanks for the reminder and so glad you enjoy Friday’s! I love it too!

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