1/5/14 WINNERS ANNOUNCED:   Our 1st Winner from the Comments is CraftyGoofy49:



The 2nd Winner from submissions is: Donna Lee (StampnscrapnwithDonnaLee)





As you may know the next couple of months will be busy and I wanted a way to keep the motivation going and celebrate life’s colorful moments with you all!  I had an awesome conversation with DecoArt this week (more to come on that SOON!) and with their support I am so thrilled to announce the November Creative Dare WITH AWESOME GIVEAWAY!  Here is your Dare for October/November:

Pick one of my prior Mixed Media Monday projects and create a piece inspired by that project.  Easy as that.  You can check my blog for prior Mixed Media Monday projects or my YouTube Channel!  All you need to do is paint, relax and enjoy and paint any type of project.  You are not limited to paper!  It just needs to be a new piece.  Let me know what piece of mine you selected and how it inspired you!  It is easy to submit!  So many projects to pick from..


Just upload your creations below “ADD YOUR LINK”!  If you do not have a blog to link to don’t worry!  You can still upload to Flicker HERE and link from there too!  You ALSO need to go sign up for their Media Newsletter:  http://decoart.to/medianews.  Yours truly will be a featured artist soon!   Deadline for this challenge will be November 30th, 2014 at Midnight. Have fun creating and good luck!!  I DARE you to get creative and to work outside your comfort zones….Everyone who enters will be entered into a drawing for a THIS fabulous prize package from DecoArt!.

Media Kit Kit

OMG the best prize ever!  Thank you DecoArt!   I WILL BE PICKING TWO RANDOM WINNERS!!!!  To be considered for the second prize pack just leave a comment on this blog post and I will select a random winner!

Here is my plan for the next few months as my wedding and the holidays approach.  Take in every moment.  Get creative when I can and share as much as I can with you all.  You have all been part of an amazing journey and for that I am thankful.  I invite you to join me as all our lives can get hectic (holidays are fast approaching).  We get busy with everything around us, and our studios, paints, journals, and canvases collect dust. Well, this dare is to help us all carve out a little time for ourselves, dust off those supplies, get messy, and create.  AND please share your projects as you go on our MMM Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/112352452239274/ (click to join).  Also make sure to click HERE for my calendar of EVENT in October/November!  I will continue to share as much as I can along the way!


Now get out those paints and bring color into their world!!!!  DecoArt Media Line sure makes that easy! 

72 thoughts on “OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2014 Creative Dare and GIVEAWAY!

  1. Would love to win this. Have always wanted to try mixed media but am a little scared it won’t turn out correct. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I would love to have some of the deco art media stuff to play with. As you said the next two months are very busy so there is no way I could get a project done in that timeline.

  3. So FUN! I Was JUST thinking about the creative dares and how they got me so motivated before… and this prize is amazing! ENJOY the SEASON! You deserve all the good things coming your way!!!


  4. I think the dare is going to be great. You have so many beautiful pieces to choose from, and of course congratulations on your upcoming wedding to John. Love decoarts!!

  5. This will be so much fun! I enjoyed using the few colors of the media paints on my last project. They are amazing to work with. So vivid, it made me want them all! Lol…
    I hope you remember to Breathe and take in all the moments over the next few months….your are going to be on a roller coaster of emotions! All good but still a ride! If you don’t have time to paint at least jot the emotions down somewhere so u can come back to them later to paint when u have time. I bet u could jot down your emotions in the colors they remind u of and paint those emotions later. You could do it, not sure I could but I know you can!

    • I was just chatting with Lori about my need to paint through all this and I have not had time. Going to make some time! and get rest now that some decisions have been made and sign is off the house! ♥

  6. I think Mary Friederichsen’s idea is a good one, I wish I had had that insight when I was in my low times lately. Still have them but am forcing myself to create. I am so happy for you Tracy Weinzapfel, your whirlwind is a thrillride. I would so much rather be going thru that right now. Good luck and have a happy future.

  7. Would love some Decor Art goodness! I will be sitting at home in November because I am getting my knee replaced. I hope I can find time to paint!

  8. Thank you for this giveaway. I live in Henderson Nevada and attended a demonstration of Deco Art Products twice this year and love the colors and products. It would be so wonderful to win the prize. Thanks so much

  9. Oh Tracy! Olivia is so excited about this challenge. She loved the show last night. Her eyes get so big when she hears her name. I asked her if she wanted to try it and she ran to her desk and pulls out one of her creations from a couple weeks back. “Momma, I want to do this one again” She is so stinking cute!! Thank you so much for all the inspiration, You have been influential on her. She cant wait to get creating. Thank you for helping where I cant:).

    • I was going to tell you to make sure she enters! I just love her sweet pictures!!!!!
      ♥ Give that sweetie a huge hug for me!

  10. Can’t wait to dive into your past mixed media Monday’s. Thanks for the inspiration and chance to win a great package.

  11. Just found your blog and website and love it! I have been studying art journaling for the last two months and have not taken the plunge yet to start my first page. I have purchased a lot of stuff to get ready. You give such inspiration, I am ready!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous prize! Happy Life! Pamie G.

  12. Can’t wait to try some of the new product. I finished a Sunflower canvas and put it on Flicker but not sure how to link it.

    Congrats on your new venture…looking forward to hear what it’s about.

  13. Thanks for the inspirationTracy. My paints and brushes sat idle for a long time until I found you on youtube and FB. I love using DecoArt paints being a decorative/folk art painter from way back. I love your style and attitude to painting you’ve brought the joy back into painting for me. I heard my family whispering the other day Mum’s painting again that’s good oh well dinner’s going to be late.
    What an awesome giveaway.

    • Thanks Tamiko…just loving what I do and where this crazy path I am on is so great. Feel blessed. Thanks so much for being on my path! Gotta love what art brings in our lives! ♥

  14. This will give me that kick to get my paints out and see what comes of it. What a wonderful year you are having. Oh by the way just give into the reader glasses LOL I remember starting down that path. They look nice on you. Thank you for sharing your art and you with all of us.
    Sue Z.

  15. Your creations inspire me! Thanks for sharing and thanks to you and DecoArt for offering to give away quality products!

  16. It appears that the only way to go now is up. Very happy about your stamp deal…that says a lot about you as an artist. I thought I had entered your give away…but I guess it didn’t register. I am trying to get my entry in again.

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