Sand between the toes…….

Sometimes you gotta take it to the beach…… and this time I had company.. it’s a great big world little girl….may you take moments like these and never forget how wonderful you are so magical…. Yep, this says it all for me! Enjoy the show […]

Pole Vault is back in the Family…..

Looks like we have another Pole Vaulter in the family.  Micky has taken on this sport in track and loves it. Is she intense or what… face Second place this day JV 🙂 Proud Bulldog mom…… Fully embracing life in this way means opening yourself […]

Golf is in the Bulldog House…

A new sport has been added to the Bulldog household and yep……another proud mom moment (so beware).  Joey has joined the JV Golf team and has taken on a whole new sport.  Really proud of that.  Love that my kids try new things.  They are […]

Basketball Banquet 2017

This week was another proud mom moment.  We attended Micky’s freshman year basketball banquet.  Be prepared for the gushing…not only over my girl but this whole team.  What a great night it was and Micky was beaming….and a nice reason to dress up. It was […]

RHS Varsity Basketball 2017

The league season has officially come to a close and I am so proud of my girl and how she faced the season.  Sports is an amazing thing to be a part of school while juggling school and when you love something like that it […]

Winter Dance…off they go

Over the weekend another event was part of our household……the Winter Dance. These two who I am so proud of and adore were off with their friends….(The obligatory Mom photos which I require before they leave or else) and no he would not stand near […]

Proud Bulldog Mom

I know I say this time and time again but I am so proud of my kids…all of them!  Every mom wants to brag on what they do and it is hard for our teens.  This is the last month for league basketball and SO […]

Work hard little one….

The highlight of my days is watching this one……..working hard. Watching her grow and learn…working with a team…  Working with a new coach who I think is so great for our high school girls basketball program. Her work has led to the Varsity team for […]