I love this article by Marc and Angel Hack Life……10 ways to Recharge Your Motivation!  I read this and immediately put in terms of being Creative and Artistic……

1. Get started! – we have the supplies, we buy, them, store, them and organize them!  Now it is time to use them!  Pull out that art journal, a canvas and five supplies and just do it.  Last Monday I pulled out a canvas, some paints, corregated cardboard and bubble wrap and just started!  That is what we do every Monday night LIVE!

2. Find and use your positive voice. – We are so used to being our worst critiques.  I encourage those to around me to share their work whether on Flickr or our Facebook Group.  Using your positive voice and knowing that the art you create is unique to YOU is something to be positive about!

3. Spend time with people who inspire you. – We do this EVERY MONDAY! Join us for our next LIVE show next Monday, July 2 at 6:00 pm (PST) on twStudios Ustream Channel. It is FREE and interative!  Click HERE to see prior recorded shows.

4. Start a friendly competition.- Have you seen my monthly CREATIVE DARE?  I am daring you to step out of your comfort zone and create with me! I am already working on the July Challenge to challenge us all! 

5. Think about how far you have come. – When I sit down and think of this crazy thing called Art and the path I have taken I am proud.  It has been a ton of hard work and am I where I want to be…maybe not but I am right where I should be.  There is a creative side of me that I have put out there and what it has brought to my world, the people who I have crossed paths with, the artists I had the honor of working with and have been able to admire…is so worth the work. 

6. Embrace failure as a positive learning experience. – There are bumps in the road.  I rarely look at things as a failure but as lessons learned.  Some lessons have been bigger than others. The greatest gift to yourself is letting that go and putting it behind you.

7. Review, refine and breakdown your goals. - I am constantly doing this.  Is what I am doing good for ME?  (this is where I need to be mindful not to compare my goals to others).  I am and have always been goal oriented.  Lots of new goals being set so watch out.

8. Let the whole world know what you’re up to. – No one can keep this girl down.  I am putting myself out there more than ever.  Am I afraid, what if I stumble……make a fool of myself (ok, more than I already do?)….too bad!  I am going to art shows, entering my art in exhibits, sharing what I love to do with others.  Is it all going to be a success…not all but boy am I having fun doing it!  How many people can say that?

9. Visualize your successful outcome in great detail……..I sure do.  What success means to me differs for another. 

10. Spend some time every day working on a passion. – There is no doubt I do this!  I am the eager beaver building the damn and damn do I enjoy working on my passion!.

Thanks Marc and Angel for getting me thinking about this and motivating me!  And I want to share one of the things that has me so excited (and motivated of late)….details coming!




PLUS I want to catch up and thank those who share their art created from our Creative Time!

Angie Reece:

f being creative copy

 Lori Batronis:

Let go


Sandee Setliff:

Life is art


Teri Barefoot:

June 11,2012


Maureen Hayes:



Thank you all for making this journey more than I ever expected!  Don't forget to share your pages on our Flickr Group!



I hope this list got you thinking in terms of your passion.  Have a great weekend!


"Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake." ~Henry David Thoreau