I cannot believe that Pete and I have been married 11 years today.  How lucky am I to be married to such a stand-up guy.  He is my best friend and husband.  That makes me one lucky girl.  Album_view1 Album_view2_1 He always gets me these nice cards and writes these beautiful messages.  I decided to actually make him a little mini album/card so I came up with this Anniversary Mini Album (click to see each page).  I could pick out about 10 things wrong with it (not my favorite work) however it came from the heart.  There is so much I could put in an album that I am thankful for.  This by no means includes it all but I wanted make something quick for him.  I am so used to making things for other people but have never really done anything for Pete.  Also, I am so used to capturing the kids with my camera that I found it hard to find photos of him. I am going to make sure I get him in front of my camera more often whether he likes it or not. 

Today I took the kiddies to the park and I am waiting for Pete to come home for the the anniversary celebrations to begin….I was thinking:  dinner by candlelight, soft music in the background, love-making by the woodburning stove.  It will be so romantic.  Ok, so maybe it will be a fluorescent-lit family restaurant with three kids and 400 early-bird special eating seniors, the sound of Sponge-Bob in the background, and a kiss by a Glade plug-in.  Now that is my idea of romance.  I am just happy to be celebrating that 11 years!