I thought it would be neat for Andy Skinner  and I to sit down and do a 20 Questions Q & A.  Let’s get to know the Artists.  But in typical Tracy fashion I don’t want to ask what inspires him, and things that have been asked before.

Let’s get to know Andy Skinner…..


  1. Favorite holiday – “Christmas”
  2. All time favorite color (only pick one) – “Blue and please spell colour correctly!)
  3. There are a lot of VERY good male artists/crafters out there, but let’s be honest, there are certainly more women) .. How does he feel working in a female dominated environment? Do you feel you need to work harder or does that give you an edge? – (via Maggs Barrett) –  “I do not feel I have to work harder or that it gives me the edge,  at the end of the day the artwork and teaching should speak for themselves regardless of gender… I do however enjoy being in a female dominated environment ;)”
  4. Most inspired to work in mornings or evenings – “Early Mornings or late evenings after wine.”
  5. Beverage of choice –  “Tea / Margarita”
  6. To relax I………“Play Guitar or listen to music”
  7. Boxers or Briefs? (sorry…could not resist) “Cotton Trunks,  although I am partial to a good quality Leopard Print Mankini,  but only on Sundays mind” Mankini
  8. What are you most excited about these days? – “The huge increase in people now enjoying and experimenting with mixed media. Oh.. and Bourbon Balls!”
  9. Best part about living in England – “History &  the countryside.”
  10. If you could invite (3) people to dinner who would it be (obvious answer is Tracy Weinzapfel) but three more is fine. – “My Mother, My Sister and the late Robin Williams”
  11. Favorite food – I love all food but at a push would have to say French”
  12. Least favorite food – “Strong Cheese”
  13. Country you wish to visit – “Vietnam”
  14. One thing you wish you knew in High School – “Being able to recognise when a girl was interested & wishing I had paid more attention to the quiet shy nerdy girls…. oh and being more ruthless with the word NO”
  15. If you could live in one historical decade which one and where? – San Francisco in the 1960’s, it was about change, defying convention, great music and peace… not to mention the free love!   It’s said that if you remember the 60’s you probably weren’t there!”
  16. Favorite instrument – “Guitar”
  17. Favorite quote – Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” Winston Churchill”
  18. Artist who inspires you (again Tracy Weinzapfel is obvious answer but name another please) –“Oh this is tough because there are so many and obviously Tracy Weinzapfel was the first name to pop into my head,  but for colour and light I am going to say Edgar Degas
  19. If you were a lip gloss flavor, what would you be and why? Chablis: lovely fruitiness with an attractive freshness and a fun characteristic minerality, Very elegant bouquet, developing citrus, white-fleshed fruit and floral notes with a subtle hint of Unicorn tears combined with good old English stuffiness.”
  20. If you were the eighth dwarf, what would your name be? “8th Dwarf has to be Boozy!”


Meet Tracy Weinzapfel with 20 Questions from Andy Skinner………


  1. Favorite Holiday destination – “Michigan to see and be with my family…specifically Up-North Michigan in the summer”
  2. What advice would you​ have given  to your teenage self? – “Be you…You have a Voice…a very important one and don’t wait until you are 40 to speak it”
  3. ​Night in or Night out? – “Night Out……Little Black Dress every once in a while feels great but I am a home body”
  4. What did you want to be when you were five years old? – “Andy Skinner…….or a really good Artist ;).  Or a teacher.  Or a News Anchor.  Or a Bee Keeper.  Or a Librarian…depended on the day of the week.”
  5. ​Favorite Colour? “Crayola Crayon Green”
  6. Granny pants or thongs?  “Neither!……and no not commando”
  7. If you could time warp yourself to any point in history when would it be and who would you hang out with?  “The 50’s…….Loved those dresses.  I would love to hang out with Lucille Ball!
  8. Who is your biggest inspiration?  “My Dad…..He is an Artist, wise/grounded person who people just like.”
  9. What were your favourite and worst subjects at school? – “Favorite subject – English.  Loved to write and still do….Worst the Sciences.  I never cared how fast a ball would propel int he air with the wind blowing!  Passed Physics with the project my Dad stayed up and made for me”
  10. What is your favourite food?  “Everything but fish & tomatoes.  Cannot live without Cheese…even the smelly ones and steak!”
  11. ​What makes you happy? (Apart from Alcohol:) – “Alcohol……..hello!  A hot bath with alcohol, family and Art preferably not all at one time…the bath gets a little crowded”
  12. What 3 items could you not live without? – “Wine, Beer & Vodka…KIDDING!  Family, Art and Cheese”
  13. Do you have any Phobias? – “Yes..like I would tell you!.  Ok, public speaking.  Strange for someone who teaches but it still gives me the sweats until I start and settle in…refer to #2 where I now use my voice”
  14. Name one thing that not many people know about you. – “I was VERY shy and quiet in school……I could not even make eye contact with the school camera guy! Public speaking is a nightmare for me still…I just pretend everyone is wearing mankini’s”Tracy1
  15. What do you think the greatest invention is in your lifetime and why?  The iphone! and the worst….it connects you to everyone but at the same time is a disconnection”
  16. If you could have 3 wishes granted, what would they be (and unlimited wishes is not allowed)?  “Wish 1….dang I wanted more wishes.  Happiness and personal success for my kids, Wish 2….Andy Skinner….Wish 3 (gee this is hard)….find relaxation in my life and practice it “
  17. If you could go to dinner with any person (dead or alive), who would you choose?  Not fair…I let you go to dinner with 3 people!  Famous…Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) and Walt Disney.  Not Famous(dead)…All my Grandparents and I would re-listen to every story I was too busy to really hear while they were living.”
  18. Most hated chore on the household chore list?  “Vacuuming”
  19. Which bad habits drive you crazy? – “Laziness!  Negativity!  Ungratefulness! We have one life to live and that is gift alone not to take it for granted.”
  20. Morning or night person? – “Night….I hate mornings until I have had my Awake tea but I value a quiet morning in my Studio before everyone wakes up”

I would like to thank Mr. Skinner for this 20 second Q & A………we may just have to do this again!  Feel free to comment and ask us questions…we will be happy to answer those reasonable ones…right Andy?  Make sure to check out our CREATIVE DARE HERE.  Thanks very much to our sponsors; DecoArt, Stampendous and Dare 2b Artzy.  Andy and I appreciate your support!