Cooking up a storm!

My friend Alisha will be so proud of me when she reads this post.  This week I cooked three or four new recipes.  My new favorite show is Rachel Ray.  I watch her daytime show in the morning at the gym and watch her make […]

New Information

Here is my new High Speed information: Yes, it finally happened for us……….high speed internet.  We could not be happier around here.  With that some changes need to be made: Tracy’s new email address:  [email protected] I can also be contacted online: AOL :  tracewb5 MSN […]

Lightening Speed

I am finally moving at lightening speed.  Today my high speed Internet was installed.  Finally after years of dial-up I found a local company that could install high speed versus satellite.  Oh man was I happy.  Plus we got the router hooked up so Tyler’s […]

Action Sports

Today was a nice family day.  We spent the day watching the Action Sports tour.  The kids loved it. This is where I realized my age.  The music was way to loud and watching the "Mosh" pit was way too much for me.  But the […]

Grandma’s Girl

ThI thought I would share Micky’s artwork from school .  Grandma absolutely loved this artwork.  Mom called today and said they are mapping out their time to come out at Christmas time.  That made me real happy.  I am hoping that by then we have […]

Feeling Creative

It has already been a long week and it is Wednesday.  I am trying to make dinner every day and try some original recipes (Alisha you would be so proud of me!).  Today one of my friend’s gave me a crock pot recipe and it […]

Bye Bye Dial up???

Tonight a guy came by after dinner and gave me information on high speed Internet in our area!  I almost cried.  There is a service available now and it looks like we can get it.  I am so excited and hope that this is what […]

“Go Go” To School

Today was the first day of preschool.  The twins were excited.  The morning  started off good until Micky had to decide what to wear.  After 30 minutes she came out with a zebra print skirt, black Go Go Boots and a matching black shirt that […]