My friend Alisha will be so proud of me when she reads this post.  This week I cooked three or four new recipes.  My new favorite show is Rachel Ray.  I watch her daytime show in the morning at the gym and watch her make these very cool meals.  Seeing it makes a big difference to me.  Plus I am able to go to the website and get the shopping list.  Very handy.  Tonight we had Turkey Tetrazzini.  Yesterday was Turkey Cutlet BLT (with turkey bacon and lite mayo instead of the bacon and ranch dressing).  And I made a Country Fried Steak with Biscuits/Gravy a couple of days ago.  I have to substitute things and cut back on butter to keep in semi-healthy but it has been surprisingly good.  Tyler has even helped and that makes it more fun.  I guess I am getting use out of that kitchen before we rip it up….YEP we are going ahead with the remodel projects.  I hired the cabinet guy and painter this week.  They are due to make final measurements of the kitchen next weekend and then start the painting on October 23rd!  Oh I am so excited.  I discussed the colors with Pete and he seems to like what I have chosen.  I need to take some "before" pictures.  I cannot wait although I know next month will be hard when things are tore up.  Hopefully I made good contractor choices. 

Thursday I helped out at school with the band.  Finally 18 years later it pays off to have been a band geek.  I agreed (ok another case of helium arm) to tutor the flute players.  It was a crazy hour and a half of three different grades coming in and "playing" music.  Needless to say I had to lay down when I got home.  It was fun to teach again and see some smiles when a note came out.  I was surprised it came back to me. 

On a more creative note, Micky and JoJo came home with their Dsc_8037projects.  They maDsc_8039de themselves at school and they are so cute!    Micky’s just cracked me up.  She matched her shirt so well.   My little girl loves to cut paper.   I wonder where she gets that from?  LOL

Creatively, I have had a slow week.  Most of my design team deadlines have been met and I need to work on things for myself.  That is a strange thing.  I leave in 10 days for Memory Trends!  Can’t wait.  My roomies have all canceled so I will be venturing on my own.  Poor Pete will have a list a mile long for the kids for those four days.  He will literally be doing my job for those days including doing Micky’s hair for picture day.  That should be fun for him.  Thankfully I get back in time to go to the pumpkin patch with the twins the next day.  That is my favorite field trip.

This weekend is another busy one.  I will be waking up early to try and acquire those playoff Padre tickets.  Then we have a birthday party.  On Sunday we may go to Oktoberfest here in town.  It is literally right down the street from us and is free.  That is my kind of gig.  Looks like it will be fun.