The Sights & Sounds of Thanksgiving…

Being that I took the week off I just unloaded all the pictures from Thanksgiving and all were just great memories.  This may go down as one of my most favorite Thanksgivings….the house was filled with laughter and fun from the moment we woke up.  […]

Count your Blessings…I am!

I am back from a week off….a week off with family, un-plugged and loved every minute of it.  But we were back Monday and my creative battaries were recharged!  Unfortunately Ustream was not cooperationg at all.  There were audio issues but we kept on keepin' […]

Spontaneous Sand Moments…

When I get the chance I like to up and pick everything up and head to the ocean.  When the stars are aligned and the kids are occupied I am off.  I slap some water (a mini wine bottle & cups….just in case!), blankets, chair and camera […]

Mixed Media Monday Recap 11/12/12 – “Celebrate”

Today I am thankful from my November with Gratitude:  Nov 12- Thankful for the part of my job that allows me to hold a paint brush and share my artistic side with an incredible group of peope who weekly have inspired, pushed me and supported […]

November with Gratitude!

I live EVERY day with gratitude… the month of November is no different.  However, it is a great chance to keep track for one month as I did last year HERE.  I am not shy to tell those around me that I am thankful for […]

My Creative Space in Creative Spaces!

I finally get to talk about the photoshoot I did last month as my studio was selected to be in this magazine! For those close to me, many know just how much this means out of all the publications I have been honored to be […]

A Journal full of Monday Nights!

What started last July in this 11 X 15 watercolor journal has become an artisitic journey shared with so many….     As I Iook at each page I sense the feeling I had that day as we shared this crazy little thing called art.  […]

Live Life with Color…

Tonight's Mixed Media Monday was the completion of a very special Art Journal.  It was the 11 X 15 album I started a few months back and every page was completed LIVE on Monday nights with no preparation from start to finish.  This definitely has […]