Village Annual Ornament Exchange is a Wrap

Every year my Village’s Annual Ornament Exchange is something I look forward to.  We are all busy mom’s, business people, volunteers, etc. so just finding that time is so hard and valuable.  But when we do it is just full of cackling laughter.  This year […]

School Projects – Family Tradition

I am going to share a little story that came back to me this week.  I assisted my daughter in a school project. Ok, so she came to me to seek professional advice and I have a contractural obligation to share my creative craziness with […]

Colors of Fall……Happy Thanksgiving!

The best place to see the colors of Fall……..the Farmer’s Market! But I am also happy to say that the fruits of the Fall season are in my front yard!  Avocados, grapefruits, lemons, limes and oranges….. and the art has been lit up in the […]

They get older…….giving thanks

This mom of three cannot believe where the time goes.  My oldest is 20 and the twin’s turned 16 on Monday.  You just want them all to know every day of your life that being their mom/stepmom is the BEST job ever.  It is the […]

Back together…New Floors and decor!

What started as a very bad leak has been put to sleep with new flooring!  It was overdue and last week upon returning from Oklahoma immediate my new wood floors were put in and I could not be more thrilled.  The Studio is back together […]

Clutter Limits

I had the pleasure of reading something a friend of mine sent and it inspired me to write which always feels great.  It was about “Clutter Limits” as he termed it.  What we will tolerate in life when it comes to clutter.  He referenced the […]

Happy October – Fall Adventures!

I wish I could say that life has settled since returning from New Zealand and Australia but now I think my new norm is not settled! This weekend I did take a little time to smell the roses or in this case pick the pumpkins […]

You are invited…..Oct 18th and November 1st!

Recently I shared my wine barrel for the Ramona Art & Wine Festival HERE.  I have been asked by my sponsor San Vicente Resorts to be part of not one but TWO pasta nights at The Par Lounge in Ramona.  I am inviting my local […]