Mixed Media Monday Re-Cap 12/30/13 – “Believe”

What a truly amazing year it has been.  I know I say this all the time but this journey I am on is shared with so many others who come into my Studio every Monday and this Monday I shared that with none other then […]

Full house and loving it…..

We are all so happy to have Grandma and Grandpa here.  We have been taking the time to do things as a family and just enjoy the time…   Been taking in some local sites and the kids are happy to have their individual days […]

Mixed Media Monday Annual Card Swap 2013

One of the things I look forward to is our Mixed Media Monday Holiday Card Swap!  When fellow Artists share their creativity with me it is so amazing.  Here are the watercolor cards I handpainted for the swap this year…   As always I am […]

A Merry Christmas

Christmas could not have been more perfect.  It was all about keeping it simple and just taking in the moments this week.  As the kids get older I miss those traditions of running myself ragged with Santa footprints, cookies, gingerbread houses,etc. but we just did […]

Merry Christmas from our home to yours….

Every year I look forward to our annual family photos but this year I decided with the busy times I was going to have to with a card that reflected just where we are in our lives.  Here is our 2013 Christmas Card.   The […]

What fills your glass?…..

Today I pose the question…”What Fills up your Glass?”  I posted a photo on Facebook (cranberry Sprite and Vodka) which sparked much converation.  No matter what you choose to put in your glass (literally and figurtively) what fills you up?  As women, moms, caretakers sometimes […]

Mixed Media Monday Re-Cap 12/16/13 – A GLASS BLAST!

Well, yet again the annual sparkly ornaments  were A Glass Blast (literally)!  As always even the cheap seats were full to see what would happen when I work with glass and of course I did not let you down.  There is nothing like bustng a […]

DecoArt Ornaments…Glitter fun for everyone!

I love that this past Sunday gave me the opportunity to be with the kiddos, catch up on things and get creative in my Studio.  What was even more special is my daughter wanted to make them too with her friend.  I decided it was […]