Happy Halloween 2013!

Happy Halloween from our house to yours……..I love this holiday with the kids and it makes me feel like time is passing so fast.  This is the last elementary school Halloween parade I will have with my kiddos.  So I am always happy to see […]

Written from the heart…from my path

Today I embark on some new endeavors.  I am reminded today why I do what I do…sometimes the one who smiles the largest and inspires needs a swift kick in the shorts and I am beyond blessed with those around me.: Like this email from […]

Mixed Media Monday Re-Cap 10/28/13 – “Love”

I have a new challenge for you after tonight……ONE word project and layer that baby up!  Don’t forget to Let it Go!  (which I need a reminder to just walk away).  It was a lot of fun and here is the result of the LIVE […]

Weekend Halloween Fun………

I  have nothing to blog about which feels so weird for me.  Creatively, I have been a little lacking in mojo which is so hard to just wade out of at times.  I know that it will come back and I will be over-flowing with […]

The Great MMM Cape Escape is Flying………..

The Cape is off and flying…………..!  Along with it is a journal and it will be visiting over 40 locations to start with (just a few of the locations in no particular order and then off internationally!!): This journey starts in Ramona, CA………..in the pumpkin […]

To share and not be alone……

Yesterday I shared something I was debated (admiting there are voices in your head is kinda crazy) but I realized I am not alone and talking about it is so great.  These are just some of the comments I got back…..   Janice – What […]

Uniquely Me…ignore the Noise.

I let it happen….I let the negative monster creep in my head the last week or so…you know the one that throws in the self doubt.  I hate that monster. Yesterday I am happy I took a turn and decided to ignore that noise.  That […]

Halloween Treats…with DecoArt

I am getting in the Halloween spirit!  It is now one of my favorite times with the kiddos.  This year I made Halloween treats with two of my favorite companies DecoArt (featured on their blog HERE) and Viewtainer……candy treats for the kid’s classrooms… I used the […]