A good Reminder…SHOW UP FOR YOU

I got this email the other day….. If you show up for yourself in your life, the universe will show up for you. The way we walk into a room says a lot about the way we live our lives. When we walk into a […]

New from the Studio…Hand Painted Wine Glasses

I have taken my love for art and blended them with another passion of mine…wine.  With this comes custom hand painted wine glasses…….   I have added Handpainted Glassware to the Shop (two sets have already sold so time to paint more!)  AND…..if you wanted […]

Mixed Media Monday 10/27/14 – “Life is Art”

I have to say that on this particular Monday I had no gas in the engine or as I had posted earlier was just in a bad mood.  It was one of those unexplained bad moods that you just cannot put your finger on because […]

My Idea Journal….a safe place to make mistakes & learn

So I used to set out to make each piece in my art journal a work of art…a Monet of sorts but then I realized that this journal is my safe place.  Typically I carry it with me, have limited supplies (travel art journal stuff […]

Weekend Fun…SDSU Halloween Baseball Game

The weekend we had a fun baseball game to watch.  The SDSU Baseball team played their annual Halloween Baseball Game and it was our first chance to see Hunter on the college field…as a Hooter’s Girl!   It was hilarious! and scary all at the […]

Sunday in the Starbucks Studio

This Sunday’s Sunday in the Studio is a little different. I am in my Satellite Studio also commonly known as Starbucks.  I needed an escape to concentrate, no distractions and work on a dream…..drawings, my art, my new dream.  More on that later. This is […]

Thank you for your Shoulders

I need to take a break in the write to say a special thank you to two people……..my parents.  The last few weeks, ok truthfully all my 44 years of life they have been amazing and true north stars.  As I was working the other […]

Mixed Media Monday 10/20/14 – “Breathe…Let Go”

Monday’s Mixed Media Monday was all about breathing…letting it go and boy did I need to do that.  Sometimes the reminder is needed that this moment is the only one you have for sure!  I am thankful for each and every moment…especially those spent being […]