Christmas is over and I am happy to say mine was filled with family, friends and love.  What more could you ask for.  Oh it was also filled with most of the kiddos being home and of course The Furball…


As we go into a new year I am not the sort to make resolutions.  I pick a word of the year that inspires me to do more, share more and live more.  As a general rule I eat right and push myself to move my rear so don’t feel the need for resolutions.  In previous years my Word of the Year has been.

  • 2016 – More
  • 2015 – Write
  • 2014 – Believe
  • 2013 – Breathe
  • 2012 – Patience
  • 2011 – Trust

I am carefully choosing my word for 2015 and am down to two of them…. Stay tuned as I am ready to share soon.  I hope you are thinking of yours and join me.  We will use our words for Mixed Media Monday!  I have resigned myself to a few things in 2017 to build from the past:

Write MoreBelieve in life as it unfolds, take those precious moments to Breathe.  Have patience and trust that there is always a plan greater then you ever imagined!

So today’s random message is my return to writing from the heart and sharing those special moments….even the one just from a Starbucks!


And I am happy to say I am painting….writing and more to come in 2017!  That means even more to share.  Gotta go…Basketball is starting soon.  I hate to leave this place but enjoyed the quiet time before the sounds of basketball.

Do you have your Word?

Embracing adversity is the key to learning who you are under pressure.  It builds confidence which will enable you to reach higher toward your abundant life”