I cannot put into words my gratitude for this day and all the love coming my way.  The timing of my birthday could not bet better in life.  May is a time for renewal and change.  Unfortunately, it is also the time for a very nasty sinus and ear infection that had me put up for a few days.  But it was a not-so-gentle reminder to be kind to my body and listen to it.  So I did listen and today am upright and so thankful.  My phone is chiming and ringing, the messages are coming in and as I read each message what comes to mind is the paths we cross in life.  Those paths are physical and virtually.  Each name pops up a story, how we met, how we connected.  I am trying to respond to each message but if I don’t I want to pass on my gratitude.  You never know where this crazy life is going to take you (many ups and downs) but in the end it is what you put out with no expectations………..what comes back to you is amazing!

So it is May 4th and it is my birthday MONTH!  I am ready to kick it off with a full heart, smile on my face and Kleenex for my sniffles.  It is my 47 year old body that is reminding me to take care of me.  If you don’t do that you have nothing to give back.  I will love those around me and be thankful for the crazy journey that got me to where I am today.

I am officially kicking off May and so thankful to those sharing it with me!  THANK YOU!

Sometimes you spend time waiting for the ideal path to appear.  But it never does.  Because paths are made by walking, not waiting.”