What a nice 4th of July it was with friends.  Our tradition of hitting the Coronado 4th of July Parade was back on.  The best place to see a 4th of July Parade is Coronado!  It is a military town and proud of the red, white & blue.  I love it there! 

Here is just a snippet of the fun we had…





The best way to see it is HERE…..


Thanks Jacqueline, Mike, Cheryl and Sandwich for a nice day celebrating our great Nation's Birthday.  Also, thanks to Marilyn & Dave for the invite.  Marilyn has my most favorite bathroom in the whole world.  She is a musician and there is sheet music covering the walls!  (shhh…….don't tell her I am stalking her!)



The best part was capping it off with a relaxing dip in the pool



Believe it or not I saw no fireworks this year!  I was home and in bed by 8 pm.  I guess I needed the 12 hours of sleep I got. 

So to a day filled with good friends, sun, the Red, White, and Blue I am beyond Proud to Live in this Great Nation…Blessings I do not take for granted.  Happy Birthday USA! 


"Time spent living is time worth appreciating.  You are able to see the sunrise and the sunset.  You are able to hear birds sing and waves crash.  You can walk outside and feel the breeze through your hair and the sun’s warmth on your skin.  When you make the most out of what you have it turns out being a lot more than you ever imagined.  A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset."