I am happy to say I DID IT! I moved my rear for OVER 50 miles in April!  I set a goal and met it.  Not only did I meet it but I did it the very final day of the month and I did it in Pittsburgh, PA!



I have so much to up-date on but starting with this accomplishment.  That final day of the month I managed a tour of Pittsburgh while I was at NAMTA where I ate my way through he city on foot!  I enjoyed just about every mile of it except for that last one.  After a day at the trade show of being on my feet that last mile I had to push myself.  I enjoyed all the sights, especially all the tulips….

photo 5 photo 1


Now I would not want anyone to give me the final tally of calories from this walk that includes a pepperoni roll and Pittsburgh popcorn but boy were those yummy!

photo 2 photo 4


and I even enjoyed the rain in my $1 poncho.  I refused to buy the $7 Steelers.

photo 3


this is what that walk looked like



It was a great way to sight see and get my exercise in.  Thanks to all who joined me this month!  I loved all the posts and my MapMyWalk beeping when I saw others doing their walk!  I would set a goal for May but being my birthday I think my celebration intake make exceed so will have to really MOVE MY REAR in June!

When you are happy to simply do your best and not compare or compete, everyone worth your while will respect you.  Here’s some healthy food for thought:  Always… Be strong, but not rude.  Be kind, but not weak.  Be humble, but not timid.  Be proud, but not arrogant.  Be bold, but not a bully.”