You gotta love when your chaparone job as a mom coincides with your desire to be fit and outside. I had that happen Wednesday morning.  The entire 5th grade was along for my morning exercise…well, I was along for their field trip and it was great.  Time with my kids and exercising!




They are getting so big and I realize these days are numbered.  So every chance I get I am there…



Right now the road is this beautiful places that I love…



and I got 4 miles in which is a great way to start the day.  Next week I head to the Water Park with the 5th graders but that sounds a bit more exhausting!


"Make a conscious choice on what you want to spend time on.  What do you value the most in life?  Are you spending your time in line with your priorities?  If you answer no to the latter question, it means there is a misalignment between your desires and your actions."