….I met two of the most beautiful people that I am proud to call my rug rats.  They popped into our world and changed things as I knew it. Not only did we have one blessing but two for the money.  I will always remember the day of my ultrasound when the lady said "There are pearls in this oyster" and that is exactly what they are to me, precious gems. 

DCP_0615 Twin B (Micky) and Twin A (Joey)

These gems made me stop, change my priorities, change my career, and filled the last 9 years with so much more than I could have ever imagined. 

Today they are in third grade and happily carrying their 48 cupcakes that their mother painstakingly baked all night (some things will never change!) to their friends to share their birthday.

They are still the two pearls who make me happy every single day!  Happy Birthday Joey & Micky!  I love you both and am ever so thankful you two came into my life.

Have a great weekend all!  I know we will because Micky is looking forward to her first manicure/pedicure and Joey is going to see Harry Potter!


Twice as much to love, two blessings from above.  ~Author Unknown