Yep…….we played Hooky.  I wish I could say that Kelly is a bad influence on me but it was me who suggested we head down to the beach with her new camera lensDsc_0230_4 and my new camera.  The surf is way up here in Cali so we headed down to the Pacific Beach Crystal Pier to play with our "babies".  It was so much fun!  The pier was closed due to the high surf but we went under the pier which in my opinion is a better place to shoot photos.  It was a very hazy day and not the best visibility but that did not stop us.   

After a ton of photos we ventured out for food.  Whenever we are together food is of the utmost importance.  After speaking to the locals we found a nice cafe to enjoy waffles (Kelly) and a yummy Cobb salad.  Who orders waffles for lunch!  What I like about Kelly is she is a "Desserts first kind of girl".  While waiting for our orders we decided that the dessert was too good to wait for so we ate it.  Personally, I always have felt this is an important course that sometimes gets missed since you are too full.  Why wait, eat it first!

Kelly and I can get in a car and just have fun.  We also figured out that we can get lost and end up at the very peak of a mountain with a cross.  We just ended up at Mt. Soledad by accident.  What a wonderful accident.  She had not been there before so it was great to see this San Diego treasure with her. 

It was a great way to spend a few hours getting to know my new camera.  Kelly is a true gem.  Thanks Kel for a day I won’t soon forget.

Care to see photos from our day………CLICK HERE.  (and just so you know, I am generally not narcissistic but we did get self portraits here.  I am rarely in photos, especially ones I like so these were a nice surprise).  "Me" Days are just what you need to renew your spirit!