I am trying to keep my camera on me to capture those every day things that catch my eye, color my world, and make me smile….

Colors of the rainbow that dropped in this week along with a few raindrops…..

Good friends who come out to support a buddy………it made me happy to pick up Ty's buddies for his cross country meet and hear them cheering him on.  What a great group of friends he has….

How could this not make me smile………such determination

Everyone knows how much I love polka dots,

I have had a hard time lately harnessing the creative mojo but maybe it is just all around me.  I think capturing those colors on film is the first step to finding the creative spirit.  Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S.  I also found great inspiration in Michigan State's win over University of Michigan.  Now that sure made me smile!  Proud to be a Spartan today!