When Strathmore sent me their 11 X 14 Mixed Media Vellum Surface Pads to try out I was blown away by this paper.



What came about from Mixed Media Mondays are some pieces I am so proud to have created……..and shared with so MANY!

Here they are…………….



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Every page has an emotion and tells the story of where I was that day or how I was feeling.  It reminds me of this crazy little journey we call life and I am happy to get to share it with so many!  So from start to finish I THANK EVERYONE who was part of it.  May you have been inspired by a few elements from these pages.  Thank you to the companies that sponsor me such as DecoArt for your vast array of colors and Strathmore for your amazing paper and entrusting me to paint something pretty on each page.  I look forward to the next journal I crack open!
“It’s the process of following your path that’s important, not the speed at which you progress down it.  Happiness is found during the journey, not at the destination.  Slow down so you can appreciate the forest for each of its trees.  You have a better chance of truly seeing where you are when you stop spending every waking moment trying to get somewhere else.  Take the time to celebrate the goodness surrounding you and how far you’ve come, rather than focusing exclusively of what’s still left to be done.”