These last few months have been all about change in my life and loving the new doors & windows opening.  Some people take on change and embrace it and in those times of uneasiness I tend to have an instant panic button reaction.  I know the old saying "Everything happens for a reason…" and "Everything has a way of working out….".  I believe in those that 100% and quite honestly when I was in college I was greatly affected by my best friend who took her own life..yep suicide (I even hate the word).  Tough thing to talk about but I remember thinking what could be so bad as to take your own life.  NOTHING is worth that and that greatly impacted how I approach life today.  I see the pressures that our kids are under today. They take on sports earlier, competitions in education is fierce and times are stressful for families all together.  But I think about all she missed out on and all I am so grateful for…

In these times of change I have surprised myself by taking it all in stride, not letting it get to me and just loving the life lessons.  I have embraced being patient and knowing that everything will be good…in fact great!  Life is not easy and we all have a road to travel and big bumps along the way.  I have such great friends in my life and it seems that at one time or another we just need to lean on each other, vent, cry and in the end laugh. 

So it hit me today when I read a book that my 10 year old made.  It was a school project where they had their own book published and he did it all on his own (no help from the artistic mommy). 

He proudly handed the book to me which is about soccer and on the front page is Dedicated to: Soccer (ok, I did have to comment and suggest he dedicate it to his mom who drives him to soccer!). 


When I got to the last page he said "Oh you don't need to read that page".  So of course the second he left the room I snatched that book and it reads…


"(This is an extra part of the story and you don't need to read it)

If you look at every single player, if they are losing by 1 or even 100 they will never give up because you know what, they know that nothing is impossible.  But everything is possible and they can come back. 

Even I never give up and I am a 10 year old boy.  For example my soccer team was winning 10-0 but they were not giving up when we thought the game was almost done and they knew it wasn't.  and they did not stop running, they just kept on going.  Just remember"

I thank you Joey for those words and making me so proud that at 10 you are equipped with that Life Lesson. This is dedicate to all those friends who are going through tough times and to knowing you just have to keep going.


So today I quote my 10 year old "Keep on running, keep on going. Just remember." ~Joey



Dedicated to Alicia Poe Van Lenten